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A native Vermonter. Lived decades in Wyoming and Texas. Have traveled the United States extensively. Worked all sorts of trades, from nanny to cook to carpenter to recording engineer. I am retired as an internet engineer. Living again in Vermont, keeping an eye on my octagenarian retired Army officer Dad. I have one child, a daughter, who lives in Colorado. She's as adventurous as Mom. When she's not running a bio lab at Front Range College, she's leading the Leave No Trace program for the U.S. Forestry Service out of Fort Collins and traversing the backcountry or off exploring the world – anywhere from Thailand one day to the Caribbean the next. My two cats, a Russian Blue by the name of Alexei and a Maine Coon named Tigr, keep things interesting at home. I'm not the only writer in the family. My Auntie Elna Senecal Butterfield has a series of books, “My Times Remembered: Recollections of a 1940's Childhood in Vermont.” she wrote for her grandson. These tell the story of life as it was like on our family farm in Rutland, Vermont, through family stories, photos, and drawings by the author. The six volumes are available on Amazon. These came about after we spoke of how kids of my daughter's generation and younger had lost the thread of family and the values taught by families such as ours.